About us

Court Street Theatre

This blog is about honoring the Court Street Theatre and all performing arts theatre around the world.


We believe that the concept of theatrical performance is not as popular as it used to be before the film industries rise of special effects and computer integration to make movies more entertaining.


In todays society, there are many choices of entertainment available.  There are dancing, movies, shopping, Theme parks, and much more.  Choosing a performing arts play or musical is one out of the many other options available out there when it comes to entertainment.


The performing arts, musicals, and fantasizing plays has a long history dating back to the Greeks.  Is has been around for thousands of years.  Back in the days when there were few options for entertainment, going to a play or musical was very popular for the families.  Families would go because of the feeling of being a mystical, magical experience.


This blog is about supporting performing arts theaters wherever they exist.  Near or far… they all need support with maintaining the building structures and surrounding ground areas.  Most of  these businesses are non-profit organizations.


We also  like to think that we are supporting the local communities and their families by featuring performing arts theatre like, the Court Street Theatre in Nashua, New Hampshire.  Our hope is to promote awareness to this type of entertainment because it will help with children and adult performing art classes.  Production and back stage classes could be offered to the community.


When children are participating in plays and musicals, family and friends will come to support them.  This idea of family support and participation really touches our hearts.  The idea of keeping the performing arts alive in todays society is bigger than us.  Just the thought of the long and rich history behind this industry and keeping it alive and well, seems bigger than me and all of us.


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